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The Australian dollar rose to nearly $0.67 on a hot CPI inflation reading

The Australian dollar drifted higher toward the key $0.67 resistance level on Wednesday morning, tracking a surprise rise in Australian CPI inflation reading for May, which ramped up concerns over higher interest rates by the RBA.

Euro plunged to $1.0740 after France’s Macron called snap election

The common currency plunged to $1.0740 on Tuesday morning following the worrying results of the European Parliament elections on Sunday, where the center-right parties, far-right, and populists made major gains, together with the surprisingly French snap elections.

Gold and Silver hit record peaks on softer inflation and geopolitics

Gold hit a fresh record high of $2,440/oz on Monday morning while the price of Silver rallied to an over 11-year high of $32,30/oz, driven by the falling dollar and bond yields, the optimism over declining U

Wall Street hit fresh record highs on a softer consumer inflation

The Wall Street indices, the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq Composite hit a fresh record high on Wednesday, as the well-awaited U

Weekly market overview: What you should know this week

All 3 major U.S. stock indices rallied last week, climbing back toward March’s record highs fueled by a better-than-expected Q1 corporate earnings season. With 92% of S&P 500 companies reporting first-quarter earnings, nearly 80% of firms beat Wall Street forecasts, helping stocks continue to hold up well despite the threat of inflation.

Brent crude oil fell to $86 as Middle East fears eased

Brent and WTI crude oil prices extended recent losses toward $86/b and $80/b levels respectively on Monday morning, after a lack of immediate escalation between Iran-Israel, and despite the new U.S. sanctions on Iran’s oil sector.