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15 Mar 2023


Bitcoin climbs to a 9-month high of $26,500 on the banking crisis

Bitcoin surged to its highest level since June 2022 and just before its pre-FTX bottom, climbing as high as $26,500 on Tuesday morning, extending its recent rally in...

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03 Mar 2023


Bitcoin plunges 5% to $22,300 after Silvergate Capital fallout

The two largest digital currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum plunged by nearly 5% to as low as $22,300 and $1,570 respectively on Friday morning, posting their largest...

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01 Feb 2023


Bitcoin soars over 40% in January on improved risk sentiment and Fed expectations

The first trading month of the year-January- came with a sharp rally in digital coins across the board despite general worries that a hawkish Federal Reserve will plunge the U.S. economy into...

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10 Nov 2022


Crypto selloff drama continues as Binance pulls out of a deal to buy FTX

The crypto market drama continues with Bitcoin hitting a fresh two-year low of $15,600 on Thursday morning, and the broader crypto ecosystem in freefall to multi-year...

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