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31 Aug 2023


Chinese equities slip after a contracting PMI manufacturing activity

Hang Seng index and China’s mainland indices fell between 0.1% to 0.5% on the last trading day of the month, after official data showed that China’s manufacturing...

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19 Jun 2023


Chinese stocks slip as Wall Street cuts China’s economic growth outlook

Chinese stock markets fall over 1% on the first trading day of the week after the major investment bank Goldman Sachs trimmed its 2023 GDP growth forecast for China, as...

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02 Nov 2022


Chinese stocks and commodities jump on China Covid-ease rumours

Stocks in mainland China and Hong Kong gained more than 2% and commodities rebounded from their monthly lows during Wednesday’s trading session, recording a two-day relief rally driven by some...

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05 Jul 2022


Why the elimination of US tariffs on Chinese goods is significant?

It has been reported for a while that the Biden Administration wants to lower and even eliminate tariffs that were imposed during the Trump Administration. This is...

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