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23 Jan 2023


Euro jumps above $1.09 on hawkish signals from ECB and a falling dollar

Euro jumped above the $1.09 key resistance level on Monday morning for the first time since early April 2022, driven by both the hawkish signals from the European...

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26 Oct 2022


EURUSD breaks above $1 parity on a weaker dollar and ahead of ECB hike

The EUR/USD pair managed to climb back above the $1 parity level on Wednesday morning for the first time since September 20, 2022, driven by the weakness of dollar and...

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21 Sep 2022


Euro falls to $0,99 after Russia’s Putin announces partial military mobilization

The common currency hit a fresh two-week low of $0,99 to a dollar on Wednesday morning amid a risk-off mood for European assets following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration of a partial...

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