In order to provide you with support for your trading experience, listed below are several questions that we file on a daily basis.

This list is far from exhaustive, so if there is an issue you still are not sure about, please contact us.

We serve financial Brokerage Firms, Investment Funds, Asset Managers, High Net Worth Individuals, Professional Traders, Banks, Financial Institutions, and Corporate Clients.

Exclusive Capital specializes and offers reliable aggregated liquidity from Tier One providers with ultra fast execution at highly competitive spreads. We offer industry leading platforms with access to over 5,000 financial instruments available for trading.

Please contact us by emailing us at [email protected].

Portfolios are baskets of financial instrument holdings on various asset classes. The portfolio’s objective is to generate returns while effectively managing downside risk.

We understand the complexities and risks of managing a portfolio, therefore we only hire highly educated portfolio managers with concrete experience and a demonstrated track record.

As with all types of investments there are risks involved. However, we strive to effectively manage risks by hiring highly competent portfolio managers, and by utilizing best in class processes and systems. Our investment and risk management committees follow strict operational procedures and all new investment strategies are pre authorized by the investment committee before being implemented.

in case of fund manager the delegated manager is not available to be contacted for the strategy to be amended. In the case of discretionary wealth management services connecting with clients is a matter of course through IPS and CRPQ.

We accept investments of 50,000 USD or more for professional investors depending on product.

Yes, we review and may update our investment strategies on a quarterly basis, however during certain times depending on the economic conditions we will review and update our investment strategies more frequently.

We strive to generate above average returns of market conditions.

Our Asset Management services are for individuals and corporations looking for managed investment services with the potential of above average returns and effective risk management procedures.
Additionally they can be used for hedging purposes and as a supplementary service for any financial entity looking to expand its service offering.

We accept investments in EUR, USD and GBP. Although, if you would like to invest in any other currency, we can accommodate special requests.

We have more than 5,000 financial instruments available for trading including Stocks, Indices, Forex, ETF’s and Futures.

All funding methods are instant except Bank Wire deposits. Bank Wire deposits are processed by us within 24 hours however processing may take from 2-7 working days depending on the client’s bank.

Log in to your Client Portal on our website -> Click on My Wallet -> Make a Deposit -> Enter Details -> Submit

Your withdrawals must be transferred to the same card, e-wallet or bank account used for your deposit.

Once you are logged in to the Client Portal on our website, click on My Wallet -> Internal Transfer -> Enter Details (Wallet to Trading Account or Trading account to Wallet) -> Submit Request

My wallet is an internal virtual multicurrency wallet where you can deposit/withdraw or transfer funds on your trading accounts.

The Client Portal is your personal gateway within Exclusive Capital where you can open trading accounts, download trading platforms, upload your verification documents, deposit and withdraw funds.

To log into the Client Portal you will need your registered email address and your own password which you entered during registration, you will also receive an email with your credentials.

Once all the requirements are met, your documents will be verified within hours. We do however apply a maximum timeframe of 24 hours as we may encounter a higher than usual number of verification requests.

You can follow the path: Client Profile -> My Profile -> Upload Documents.

The maximum leverage is up to 1:300 for professional clients.

Yes, mobile trading is possible with MetaTrader 5. The MT5 App must be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store on your Apple or Android device.

Yes, you can. Simply log in with the same credentials from any computer.

Any Account(s) / Profiles opened with the Company where there is no deposits, withdrawals or trading activity for a period of 1 (one) year for any trading account, shall be classified by the Company as a Dormant Account.

Dormant accounts will be subject to relevant charge/cost(s), relating to the maintenance / administration of such accounts.

When an account is classified as dormant, the Company has the right to charge an ‘inactivity fee’ of 10 EUR / per month, which will be charged and debited from the balance of the specific account until the account holder has the required funds available and/or until a zero balance/equity is reached.

The Company reserves the right to charge the inactivity Fee retroactively for any month in which we had the right to charge it but did not do so for technical reasons.

In addition, the Company reserves the right to cancel any pending orders on the Inactive Account without notice. For re-activation of a Dormant Account, the client ought's to contact the Company, proceed with KYC/CDD procedures, funding his account and conducting at least one (1) trade with the Company.

Such a ‘dormancy fee’ shall not in any case give a minus balance to the account.

We cover a range of topics and strive to provide insightful reports on all major economic and geopolitical events. We produce daily market briefs, quarterly outlooks and cover news on certain financial instruments. Upon clients' requests we may produce reports on specific financial instruments.


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